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Monday 29th May 2023


On Friday I donated a Cuddle Cot & 20 memory boxes to Manacor hospital.
As you know my dad, step mum, sister & niece live in Mallorca and when Maggie died they were able to meet her due to Burnley hospital having a cuddle cot!!
We got to spend 3 days with our beautiful little angel & made as many memories as we could, memories that have to last us a lifetime 💜I found out that when a baby is stillborn in Mallorca, parents only get an extremely short time to make memories with them I then KNEW I HAD to get a cuddle cot there!
Now they can spend time, make memories & families will have time to fly over and meet baby if they are from mainland or abroad. Just like my family did 🥹
It’s taken a VERY LONG time & a lot of obstacles along the way, but we did it 😍
It’s been a long and extremely emotional week 💜
Myself & my family spent days making memory boxes, translating Spanish to English & English to Spanish, providing training to the hospital and all the staff on how to use the cot, signing so much paperwork it’s unreal!
I don’t think I’ve ever been to Mallorca and not sunbathed 😂
My dad, step mum Katy & sister Joana have been so amazing helping me to get the cot to Mallorca, translating, helping me make all the boxes etc. They held me up when I was heartbroken even though they were too 💔
I would like to put a massive THANK YOU on here to MIKE PETIGREW who PAID for my flight and the cuddle cot to go to Mallorca!
Mike is such an amazing guy and to do this for Maggie’s legacy means the world to Mark & I.

Tuesday 16th May 2023


Today after months of meetings and a lot of personal learning on my part,
I provided bereavement training at
I have worked alongside Keely from Child Protection to offer this training & support and I’m so proud to be able to be a voice for all my angels mummies & families.
Keely is amazing and is so passionate about what she does as well as helping bereaved families as much as possible.
I feel so lucky to have her helping me understand more about what happens “legally” when a baby/child dies.
Her knowledge will help me support my families even more, as I can now answer the questions they have thoroughly.
I don’t think I’ve ever been so nervous!
But also so proud!
It was a very mixed bag of emotions for me today & I was angry at myself for getting emotional 💔
It’s hard not to when I’m speaking about Maggie & why I do what I do 👼🏼
However, the feedback I received was amazing and I feel so proud to be apart of the training around the sudden death of a baby/child & ways to possibly improve & keep doing what these officers are doing!!
Thank you to my angel mummies who provided me with feedback that I could use today, you guys are my warriors and I’m so proud of each one of you for your honest & open messages 😘
Thank you to Mark for having to constantly listen to my “practice runs” of what I wanted to talk about, only to change it, read it again and then change it back 😂


Monday 15th May 2023

How amazing to be one of the winners of THE LANCASTRIAN AWARD 😱😍
I was presented with my certificate today, by the lovely Philip, and I couldn’t be prouder!!
My beautiful Maggie’s memory is going to live on as long as I have breath in my body! 💜👼🏼
Thank you to everyone who nominated me 😘
But a massive thank you to Marky whose nomination they saw first as he wrote “I’m extremely proud of my wife” 🥹

Sunday 23rd April 2023

Today I went over to Burnley to see Frankie.
Frankie gave me £600 that her & her husband Zee have raised for Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy in memory of her little boy,
Muhammad-Yusuf Hassan 💙🦋
When little Yusuf grew his angel wings, he was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital and was placed in Maggie’s cuddle cot.
The cuddle cot enabled Frankie and her husband Zee to create some everlasting memories with Yusuf and also for me to be able to go to the hospital and meet Yusuf, which was an honour.
Yusuf will always hold a special place in my heart 💙
Frankie & Zee have requested that I use the money they have raised to buy more memory boxes & put towards my group Little Lifetimes 🦋 that supports angel mummies, from pregnancy loss onwards, which Frankie attends.
I honestly can’t thank you guys enough for this massive donation!! It will really help and you both know how much.
💙 Muhammad-Yusuf Hassan 💙

Friday 21st April 2023

CONFIRMED!!! ….. the famous Kiki DeVille will be the compare for Maggie’s masquerade ball in June! 😍
You will have seen Kiki on TV 📺 she has done shows such as The Voice UK, Starstruck and sooo much more!
We are ridiculously excited for Kiki to be running our night 💜
Picture by C’s Anchor Studio x

Thursday 20th April 2023

A MASSIVE MASSIVE THANK YOU to The John Bury Trust who have organized a fundraising walk for Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy 💜👼🏼
PLEASE if you can, sign up to do the walk with your fur babies or if you can’t just come along to support the walkers along the way xx
The walk will take place on 20th May 2023.
Here is the link to sign up …

Friday 24th March 2023

Cuddle cot & cuddle blanket training again yesterday at RBH.
It was one of the smallest groups I’ve trained but it was one where my nerves where bad as “big boss” Amy was there 💜
It’s so important for me to “get this right” and help these staff as much as I possibly can!
A doctor even came in on her day off for the training so that shows how important it is!
ACE to see a member from housekeeping there as well 😍
Thank you ladies for coming along and I hope the training helped you!
A&E family room now have a memory tree as well 💙💜
This is for families to place a heart on when a family member passes away 💔
A beautiful thought and paid for by Heather!! She really is the best 😍

Wednesday 15th March 2023


Team work, helping Muslim families & non religious families 👼🏼💜👼🏼💙

Najma & I travelled to BRADFORD HOSPITAL with 15 Adil’s Legacy packs & 10 Maggie’s Legacy boxes.
The staff that came to the donation were lovely. They wanted to know all about Adil & Maggie & why we do what we do!
We can’t wait to be working with this hospital again in our babies memories xx
Thank you so much as always to Blackburn UK Trust for funding the Adil’s Legacy packs.
As some have heartbreakingly already been used, we are seeing how much they are helping families and just how needed they are xx

Sunday 12th March 2023


This is so EXCITING for Maggie’s Legacy & makes me so proud to post 👼🏼
For the last 6 weeks a beautiful young soul called Grace has been helping me out 💜
Grace is doing her DUKE OF EDINBURGH at school & Maggie’s Legacy has been approved for her to do it with us 😱😍
This is soooo exciting!!
Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the royals 👑
So far Grace has ..
💜 Made & filled memory boxes
💜 packaged hearts for RBH A&E
💜 made mummy & baby bracelets
💜 written tags for our memory box items
And so much more!
I LOVE the fact that Grace is so keen to help in anyway she can!
For a 13 year old she wants to work so hard!
She is a lovely young lady and myself & Mark are proud to have her helping us for the next 5 months 🖤
Thank you so much to her mum Mel Clark who also likes to help 😂😊
Please can you all …. WELCOME GRACE 🦋

Saturday 4th March 2023

Some exciting news 💜👼🏼
Maggie’s stillbirth legacy is now TRADEMARKED! ⭐️ 🎉
This might seem like nothing to some people, but it’s a big thing to Mark & I.
This means that if someone tries to steal & falsely use her logo again to raise money they legally CANT!!!
I can’t thank Stacy Coates enough for doing all this for me 😍
You really are the best 😘
Thank you for being as excited as me! Although we need to stop crying together 😂
It’s been a long 6 months wait but Stacy did it!!!
Just another milestone for my baby girl!! She is now “trademarked” for the next 10 years 🥰

Tuesday 17th January 2023

Today was an amazing, but heartbreaking day for me.
Today my beautiful friend Najma donated her first lot of “ADIL’S LEGACY PACKS”.
These where donated to Royal Blackburn Hospital A&E .
The packs have been mainly funded by Blackburn UK trust with a little help from Maggie’s stillbirth legacy.
These packs are lovingly put together by Najma & her children in memory of her son Adil.
They are specifically made for Muslim babies and children.
These packs contain ….
A hat (for dad)
A prayer Mat (for dad)
A perfume (for dad)
Prayer beads (for mum)
A head scarf (for mum)
A white shroud (for baby)
Camphor block (for baby)
A book (for the parents)
All presented in a memory bag for the parents to keep.
I went to Najma with this project at the end of November and today was the 1st ever donation and we have more to come these next few weeks in hospitals throughout the UK.
It has been an absolute honor and a privilege to be apart of this & I’m so happy to be working with Blackburn UK Trust.

Saturday 3rd December 2022

I WON!!!! I can’t believe it 👼🏼💜
Thank you so much to everyone involved xx

Saturday 3rd December 2022

Today is awards day!!
I’m so nervous!!
I get worked up & worried that I will cry & then I cry worse 🤦🏻‍♀️
I can’t wait to attend the BBC radio Lancashire MAKE A DIFFERENCE AWARDS 😱😍
What an absolute honor it is to be in the final 4 in Maggie’s memory 💖👼🏼
We DO NOT do what we do for recognition in any way!! We do it to help other families that will be forever broken like us & also to carry on Maggie’s memory 👼🏼
Thank you to every single one of you who supports us!!
Be it financially, by purchasing items, emotionally, by supporting me or mark, or just by liking & sharing our fundraising posts!!
I appreciate you all xxx


Sunday 30th October 2022

Last nights family Halloween party raised a MASSIVE …. £1052.90!!!!! 😱👻🎃💜
Myself and Fiona are in happy shock!! We worked our backsides off & its paid off 👼🏼
I’m so blessed we have the amazing support we do from you guys 😍
I’m going to use this money to do a massive restock of all the memory box things we need. This is going to take so much pressure & worry off me 😊
Here come the THANK YOU’S ….
Obviously my sister Fiona for as always putting up with me & making it happen!! 😂
Katie Louise Skarratts & Carl Wingfield for doing the photography for FREE 📸
Danny Holland for DJing (very cheap) 🪩
Molly Kate for doing the balloon hoop & welcome board FREE as always 🎈
Susannah Nightingale Booth for rescuing us with the food & making AMAZING pies at a ridiculously low price 🥧
Mark Parsons & Paul Hagan for running around & carrying everything & putting up with myself & fiona 💙
My mummy for running a stall & my lizzie for taking over when she was totally exhausted 🥹
Blackburn Rovers for returning our money resulting in use of the Blues Bar for FREE 😱
Most of all to EVERYONE who came & supported us!
Hopefully we will see you at the Gala in June 💜👼🏼

 Friday 16th September 2022

The newest thing for Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy … Opening NEXT Friday!
This is for EVERYONE so ANYONE can come, even if you work!
With the cost of living the way it is, we need places like this! We will also be reducing food waste!
As well as fresh food we also have a frozen food section, Pet food section, baby food, baby supplies section, toiletries for men & women & much more!
You are all invited to the opening & will be able to sign up if you want to …
Friday 23rd September at 10am, Darwen market hall 💜
HUGE thank you to Rummage Rescuers CIC for helping us to help the community by buying the fridge & freezer for us ❤️
Thank you to Leanne Procter for helping us by letting us have M&S on a Friday ❤️

 Friday 19th August 2022

Yesterday I did some training again at Royal Blackburn Hospital on how to use cuddle cots & cuddle blankets 💜
These are VITAL pieces of equipment as they enable parents & families to spend time & create some everlasting memories with their baby or child when they have died 💔
A HUGE thank you to Heather Anderton for organising these sessions & for wanting to make sure all A&E staff are trained so that they can help these families through the worst time of their lives! Heather you’re truly amazing and RBH is so very lucky to have you.
I also visited the children’s ward as Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy will be restocking all their memory boxes.
The very FIRST cuddle cot & bespoke cot unit was there and it really made me realize just how far we have come, it also made me cry! 👼🏼

Friday 5th August 2022

Massive THANK YOU to Lynne Kozlowski Asda for letting me be there today … we raised £86.53 💜👼🏼
Thank you to the beautiful Sarah Kozlowski (angel baby Kai’s mummy) for coming along and keeping me company!!
I’m so proud of you 💙

Friday 29th July 2022

Hi all 👋

I’m back from my much needed rest & straight back into Maggie’s legacy 💖👼🏼
Today we raised £115.02 at ASDA Blackburn 😱
Thanks to the lovely Lynne Kozlowski for allowing us to be there!
Thanks to Anita Hennigan & Sarah Kozlowski for helping me out today 💙💖

Monday 18th July 2022

I can finally announce that….
What an absolute honour it is to be in the final 4 in Maggie’s memory 💖👼🏼
Who ever voted for me please let me know who you are & THANK YOU!!
We DO NOT do what we do for recognition in anyway!! We do it to help other families that will be forever broken like us & carry on Maggie’s memory 👼🏼
I’m so excited to be attending the awards ceremony in September 🥰
Thank you to every single one of you who supports us – be that financially by buying items, emotionally by supporting me or mark, or just by liking & sharing our fundraising posts!! I appreciate you all xxxx

Saturday 16th July 2022

Yesterday we donated ”cuddle blanket” number 2 to Royal Blackburn Hospital 🏥
This blanket will help parents & families spend time with their child (up to the age of 18) & create some everlasting memories when they have passed away 💔
As this is in the A&E department it will be for children who have died suddenly/unexpectedly so it really is a VITAL piece of equipment!!
The staff here are so very busy, as you know, but Heather Anderton, Naomi Turner, Tonia Collins and their team are so passionate about “getting it right” when it comes to bereavement!!
You guys are all AMAZING and I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for what you do 💖
This blanket was only donated so soon because of my amazing sister Fiona Mcnamee organizing the gala 💞
We have booked the 2nd gala for the 24th June 2023 👼🏼💖
I then went to do some training for some of the staff in the department on how to use the cuddle cots/blankets & how to speak to parents when their child has died in the department 💔
It went so well that I have been asked to go into hospital once a month to do training so that ALL staff will be trained on how to use a cuddle cot/blanket & how to talk to families 👼🏼
I feel so PROUD to have been asked to do this!!
Thank you so so much CuddleCot by Flexmort for the training I received from Will as he has enabled me to do this 🦋
As always, thank you all for your ongoing support 👼🏼💖

Thursday 14th July 2022

Today I met with the mayor of Blackburn (who is an amazing man & has one goal to help the community), Liz Crook, Joanne Barker-Gosling in the mayors chamber!!
Liz from Rummage Rescuers & 3 others community companies donated a HUGE £2,000 to Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy 😱👼🏼💖
This has been sent over in full to the cuddle cot/blanket company & can not thank Liz and the team enough!!
Thank you Mr Mayor for all your doing for the community and the borough of Blackburn!!
WOW I had the best 2 hours there 😍
Andrew who works for the mayor is one of the nicest, most knowledgeable men I have met!!
It’s so nice when other fundraisers help each other, Big things can be achieved by helping each other 💖💙

Tuesday 12th July 2022

Today I have had the amazing CuddleCot by Flexmort at my house giving me some training on how to use the “cuddle blanket” & a recap on how to use the “cuddle cot” 💙💖
This will help me to know exactly what I’m doing so I can tell people when we donate these vital pieces of equipment 👼🏼 😇
Thank you Will for driving for over 3 hours to get here and for being so thorough!!
It’s not only an amazing company because they enable parents & families to spend time with their baby/child once they have died but also because they are so passionate about helping families!!!
Thank you FLEXMORT 😊

Wednesday 6th July 2022

Today was the opening of MAGGIE’S DEN at Feniscowles Primary School. ❤️
This is a safe space for the children and staff to learn about growing their own more sustainable future! 🌿🪴
This has been a long time planning, fundraising for and preparing. 😊
Robyn THANK YOU for putting up with me & making it as amazing as it is!!
You’re the BEST 🥰

If Maggie were here she would have gone here with my nieces!! It was a very emotional & difficult day for me. 💔

I felt so proud to have my nieces Khaleesi & Ariana by my side 💗💗
For Maggie’s legacy to be able to help the local schools and communities means the world to me.
Thank you for everyone’s support in all we do 👼🏼💖


Wednesday 6th July 2022

We would like to thank all the amazing people and businesses that supported our gala night and helped us to not only achieve but exceed our goal. 🌟
Without their support none of this would have been possible and to all the people that came on the night, WE HAVE BOOKED FOR NEXT YEAR!! 💥💥
Molly Kate @OH events
Alexandra Gallagher
Beauty lounge
Betsy’s make up studio
Beth’s bake house
Hello Gorgeous
Jayke Cox, Diamond dozen tattoo
K.C. Funeral Service
Mike Pettigrew
Plyline U.K.
Karen Billington
Rummage rescuer’s
Ewood Florist
Turner and Pooch
Flowercrown Magic
Bailey’s jewellery
Altys funeral home
Peter Benson Plywood
Sarah-jane Grieve
Jenny Louise Buck
King George’s hall
Bernice Walne
Katie Louise Skarratts
Colleen Holden @mambos
Perfect sun
Chantelle Louise
And if I have missed anyone I’m truly sorry xx

Saturday 5th March 2022

Yesterday my mummy bear and I donated 15 memory boxes, 20 self care packages and 20 heart beat recorders to Lancashire women & Newborn centres Fetal medicine clinic 👼🏼💖
These boxes will be given to parents who are told that their baby will not survive the pregnancy or once they are born 💔
I know how much these boxes will help and it’s only because of Maggie’s legacy that we can help them!!
Yesterday was the FIRST time my mum has been back to that part of the hospital since Maggie died 👼🏼
I knew she would be a little upset but I had no idea how much it would affect her!! I realised as we got to the doors she was shaking 😢 She still came in and donated, we every went up to the birth suit was Maggie was born sleeping. When we got back to the car we had a little cry together!! 😭
Even now almost 7 years on, losing Maggie is still THE MOST painful thing in this world 💔 I HAVE to face things “head on” I have to “fight” the emotions but for so many people its just not something they can do!! 💔
I’m so glad my mummy was there yesterday but I feel bad that she was so upset BUT at the same time strangely happy because it shows how much she LOVES & MISSES her beautiful granddaughter Maggie 💖👼🏼
**** massive thank you to Our DEAF HUB for helping me decorate & fill these memory boxes ****

Friday 14th Jan, 2022

Today Maggies Stillbirth Legacy made a donation to Royal Blackburn Hospital of:

22 Holy Bibles

10 Illustrated Children’s Bibles

10 Good News Bibles

& copies of The Quran

20 of these bibles were paid for by Nana Pearl 2 months before she died, and 8 were donated by Lucy, the Rose Queen of St Aiden’s Church, Blackburn. These will be used in both Blackburn and Burnley hospital until the new chapel is completed at Burnley

This has been a very emotional day for me, seeing the wonderful Jim Lougheed who did Maggies Naming Ceremony when she was born in Burnley in 2015, and seeing Maggies name in the baby memorial book.

With me today was my baby brother, John. And I rest knowing that Maggie is in the arms of my Grandma and Nana Pearl until her Mummy joins her.

Thursday 2nd December, 2021

Sarah has won another award! This time she has been selected for the Point of Light award, given by the Prime Minister, for raising over £60,000 for the Cuddle Cots project in Maggies name.

Sarah’s award comes during National Grief Awareness week, the annual campaign to raise awareness of the impact of grief and highlight the work of bereavement support services like Maggies Stillbirth Legacy.

Sarah said, “I am honoured and humbled to receive a Point of Light award. All I want to do is help others in Maggies name to keep her memory alive, so this really does mean so much to me.”

Wednesday 17th Nov, 2021

I am proud and humbled to tell you all that today we donated Cuddle Cot number 18!!  18!!!!!

This cot went to Lancashire Women and Newborn Centre in Burnley and will be used not only for the birthing suite but also the NICU. As you all know these cuddle cots enable families to take their babies home so that they can spend a few more days with their angels and create precious memories.

We also donated over £300 of Purple Hearts. These are amazing heartbeat recorders and will be used for the Fetal Medicine Clinic so that parents who find out the devastating news that their baby will not survive can record their heartbeat.

Thank you for all you support to enable us to make this a reality!

November, 2021

After meeting the other nominees at the Pride of Britain awards we have decided to make donations to as many causes as possible. Find out about the others that work tirelessly to raise money across the North of England!

£100 to Katy Jordan. This will buy 100 selection boxes for disadvantaged children, poorly children and children with disabilities in Teesside. They will be delivered by Santa in December to local schools in areas of higher depravation, Children’s wards, Community groups, Children’s homes, Family hostels and Children’s hospices. This will benefit families who face Christmas with very little.

£100 to Mark and his Walking Home for Christmas appeal. Mark was shot through the neck whilst on duty and has since fundraised tirelessly for the armed forces.

£100 to George Kavanagh raising money for St Georges Hospice Grimsby, the hospice that took care of his Dad before he died.

£100 to Donna Varley who fundraises for Martin House Hospice in Leeds. Donnas son, Kaison, grew his angel wings last year. The money she is currently raising goes to buy 120 selection boxes for the hospice so all children who will be having respite there can enjoy a treat along with their families.

Thank you for continuing to support us and allow us to support others.

Tuesday 5th October, 2021

After all the excitement of last week, this week we got to deliver Cuddle Cot no 17 to Helliwell’s Funeral Service n Barnoldswick. This was delivered along with a Specialist Moses Basket, 12 Follow on Memory Boxes and Angel Gowns & Blankets.

This will help families create everlasting memories with their baby/child once they have died.

Thank you to everyone who donates and the the members of Maggies Stillbirth Legacy Fundraising page.

Friday 1st October, 2021

SHE DID IT!! Sarah has won the Pride of Britain Regional Fundraiser Award 2021!!

After being nominated alongside four other fabulous causes Sarah was chosen to be our Regional Winner and presented with her award during this evenings ITV News whilst out for tea with her sister and nieces. From all the team and everyone who follows the cause she really is a worthy winner.

Sarah will be travelling to London at the end of month, with her sister Lizzie and step son Oliver, to attend the glamorous star studded Pride of Britain awards ceremony. We can’t wait to see her pics!

On winning Sarah said “This is the best thing ever to happen, and out of something so horrific as well. The fact that we do what we do, for the angel parents, we don’t do it for recognition. We do it to keep Maggies memory alive and to help them.”

Wednesday 28th July, 2021


This will be donated, along with 20 Follow On Memory Boxes and a wipe clean Moses basket, to a funeral home in Barnoldswick.

This will, as you know, help other families spend time and make memories with their baby/child that has died. This means the world to them as it’s all we have.

Thank you all so much for your continued support and helping us to keep Maggie’s memory alive.

Big shout out to my little best mate Charlie for bagging all the deliveries – couldn’t keep the page going without him & Mark with my glass back & whilst I’m doing the IVF.

Thursday 27th May, 2021

Today we have donated £200 to Vikki Ayres sponsorship as she raises money for Cancer fundraising.

As you all know Mark lost his mum to cancer in 2016 so this is something we are always happy to support.

Tuesday 25th May, 2021

Today we have donated CUDDLE COT NUMBER 16!!

This was donated along with 12 Follow On Memory Boxes and a specialist Moses basket & stand to Talbot Funeral Directors in Roe Lee, Blackburn. Also donated were Angel Gowns, Blankets and Pockets of Love – all made by Jill Moz in memory of her son Christopher.

This is where the head of our family, Grandpa Riley, went on his final journey. So I was very honoured to go and donate in such a positive way.

It was lovely to see Sarah again, who works there, and to share some stories of angel babies & families. This will mean so so much to the families who get to use this cuddle cot to create ever lasting memories that they can treasure forever.

As always, thank you to all for your continued support in helping us to achieve this!

Saturday 10th April, 2021

Today Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy has donated £100 to Tracey James for a hut she is having made in memory of her daughter CASEY.

“As many of you know I lost 2 of my children due to neonatal deaths. Also, all the way through lockdown, I have scoured and donated lots of food and things for the home for families in need. I can only do this weather permitting, so I would like to get a hut to keep things dry and still give to the community. I want to name it Caseys so that people will remember her and come to her house . . so I can keep my Caseys memory alive.”

An amazing lady who does nothing but help others!!!

Thursday 1st April, 2021

Posted today – 3 memory boxes:

One off to USA,

One off to Ireland,

One off to Scotland,

Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy….helping families worldwide!

Tuesday 30th March, 2021

Today we have donated our 15th cuddle cot, a wipe clean Moses basket and 20 Follow On Memory Boxes to Alderson & Horan Funeral Services in Burnley.

What a lovely place this is. The empathy and passion for what these guys do is fantastic.

Thank yo all so much for your continued support – for bidding, buying, donating and everything else – it means the world to us!

I can’t quite believe that in just over 5 years we have achieved what we have, and how many families we are helping on their journey.

Thursday 25th March, 2021

Today we donated 20 Sibling Memory Boxes to The Alty Funeral Service in Blackburn.

These will be given out to siblings of a baby or child who has died so that they can create ever lasting memories. It’s an absolute honour, as always, for me to donate here as they did such a perfect and caring job looking after Maggie. And of course seeing the amazing Caroline.

Huge thank you to Jo Rigby for the bows and Alexa Shorrock for the poems.

Monday 18th January, 2021

Thank you so much to Asda Blackburn this week who have donated a huge box of goodies. Maggies Auntie Lizzie went to collect it for us today.
Best Auntie EVER!

Monday 21st December, 2020

Today, Jade Hudson and her partner, Gary, donated 10 memory boxes in Billy’s name to Waring McKenna Funeral Directors on Haslingden Road. They looked after the family so well when their son Billy passed away. Jade hadn’t stepped foot back in the place since, but Jonathan made them feel so at ease.

“Thank you, but all this wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Sarah Bernasconi Parsons and Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy Fundraising Page. You, Sarah, are one amazing woman and I’m proud to call you my friend. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” Jade Hudson.

Tuesday 15th December, 2020

Thank you to everyone for your continued support this year. I am genuinely humbled that, even in times of job loss, covid etc, this year you have still bid/bought etc off Maggie’s page.

Today we donated a massive £1000 to East Lancs Hospice. We did this is Marks mums memory Mad Julie and my Grandad Bernasconi xx

Again, thank you so much!

Friday 4th December, 2020


Today I donated cuddle cot number 14, and a wipe clean Moses basket & stand to Lancashire Women and Newborn centre in MAGGIE PEARL PARSONS MEMORY.

As you all know our beautiful, perfect Maggie was born sleeping at term here in the butterfly room on 30th June 2015.

Today I entered the Butterfly room with our donation and I wasn’t filled with heartache and fear and sadness. I was filled with over whelming PRIDE!!! This is THE FIRST TIME I have ever felt this feeling in the 5 and a half years we have been fundraising!

It was made so much more amazing in my eyes that Maria Elizabeth, a fantastic lady and now life long friend who did all my training every week for my birthing plan, was there. And so was the amazing Caroline Dolman, who passed me Maggie in theatre when she was born by caesarean, and has been and still is my rock and one of my best mates ever there was.

It was an absolute honour and privilege to do this donation today as it’s what I wanted to do from the moment I had Maggie.

Knowing that families, who do not want to stay at the birthing centre in the bereavement rooms, who want to take their babies home with them until their final farewell, can now do so makes me feel so humble and honoured.

Thank you to the bereavement midwife Kathryn for letting us donate this. It honestly means the world to me.

Thank you to you all for your support – even through the awful year we’ve had in 2020. I could not do any of this without you all.

Wednesday 2nd December, 2020

Today Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy donated/re-stocked 12 Follow On memory boxes to ALTY’S FUNERAL SERVICE BLACKBURN.

These will help parents and families to create more ever-lasting memories once their baby/child has gained their wings.

As you all know, Maggie was at Altys and I absolutely love the staff here!! Their professionalism and empathy helped me so much in the early days.

Sunday 29th November, 2020

Today Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy donated £100 to Chorley hospital In Patients Charnock Unit.

They are currently making Christmas Eve boxes for their In Patients and were in desperate need of adult PJs both male and female pjs!!!


Friday 20th November, 2020

Maggie’s Legacy has donated over £250 worth of toys etc to Bees and Birds to help them fill shoeboxes for children to be given this Christmas.

These children will not be getting anything else for Christmas. Thank you all for your ongoing support and allowing us to do this as it hurts my heart to see how many families are struggling.

Thursday 19th November, 2020

Today Maggie’s Stillbirth Legacy donated £150 to The Shaun Haggart Foundation – 2 small fund raisers working together again!

Times are so difficult, especially with Covid, and the Shaun Haggart Foundation helps so many. We are honoured to help their cause. Check them out on Facebook –

Sunday 28th June, 2020

Every now and then I do a full list of what we have donated so far. It really makes you realise just how much we have done and how much we are capable of.

In just over 4 and a half years this is (some of) what WE ALL have achieved ….

🦋 cuddle cot, bespoke cot unit, 50 memory boxes, all singing and dancing printer, angel gowns and hats to Royal Blackburn Hospital Paediatric department 🦋
🦋 £200 Poppy-Mai 🦋
🦋 Created “Families of Flying Angels”, a support group for ALL families members of angel babies/children 🦋
🦋 £2000 towards the Medapor scanner that can detect things a normal ultra sound cannot 🦋
🦋 £200 to Preston NICU 🦋
🦋 Cuddle Cot and bespoke cot unit to Derian House 🦋
🦋 £200 Theo the warrior 🦋
🦋 Cuddle cot, bespoke cot unit, 50 memory boxes, all singing and dancing printer, angel gowns and hats to Wolverhampton NICU department 🦋
🦋 Created and opened The Secret Garden in Butterfly Wood Blackburn, a place for parents and families to remember their babies and children that have gained their angel wings 🦋
🦋 £600 to East Lancashire Hospice in memory of Marks mum, Julie 🦋
🦋 £2,300 and cups, saucers, tray etc to create a “quiet room” at Burnley General hospital for ladies and their families who will be told the devastating news that they have terminal cancer, a place for the families to go and sit when they need to gather their thoughts or just take time out 🦋
🦋 Cuddle cot, 10 memory boxes, angel gowns and pockets of love to Alty’s Funeral home 🦋
🦋 Cuddle cot, 10 memory boxes, angel gowns and pockets of love to Champ’s funeral home 🦋
🦋 Cuddle cot, bespoke cot unit, 40 memory boxes, angel gowns and hats to Royal Blackburn Hospital A&E department 🦋
🦋 £300 little tinkers Cat rescue🦋
🦋 £200 Oliver’s Neuroblastoma fight 🦋
🦋 Cuddle cot with long lasting Moses basket, 15 memory boxes, angel gowns and hats to CO-OP funeral home 🦋
🦋 £60 East Lancashire Hospice 🦋
🦋 £200 Four Paws dog rescue 🦋
🦋 £3000 towards a cuddle blanket for children age 4-16 and 40 memory boxes to Royal Blackburn Hospital 🦋
🦋 £250 towards a cuddle cot in memory of Jacob Anthony Leliuga who grew his angel wings on 02-02-2018🦋
🦋 £200 towards a defibrillator for Beyond the Walls Outdoor nursery 🦋
🦋 £1000, cups and saucers to refurbish the counselling room on gynaecology unit at Burnley hospital 🦋
🦋 £200 to “Waste not Want not” at SAMS Blackburn 🦋
🦋 £350 computer to Cherry Tree Pre-School 🦋
🦋 50 memory boxes to “Our Little Stars”🦋
🦋 £200 to Community Helping Hands BwD CIC 🦋
🦋 20 memory boxes, blankets and cushions to KC Funeral Services, Darwen 🦋
🦋 30 memory boxes and cushions/blankets to CO-OP Funeral Home, Burnley 🦋
🦋 Wipe Clean Moses basket for Alty’s funeral service, Blackburn 🦋
🦋 15 memory boxes donated to Blackburn Funeral Home, in memory of Tiegan 🦋
🦋 Over £400 of Sleeping Bags, Ground Mats and clothing for Community Spirit, to help the homeless of Blackburn and Darwen 🦋
🦋 40 memory boxes for Facebook Page “Shhhh Angels sleeping” support group 🦋
🦋 50 memory boxes to Wolverhampton hospital 🦋
🦋 £200 to Fernhurst Court Nursery for sensory equipment 🦋
🦋 Cuddle cot, wipe clean Moses basket (£240) and 25 memory boxes to Langshaw Calverley Funeral Directors, Whalley 🦋
🦋 £1200 for a chair/bed for the gynaecology/breast unit at Burnley General Hospital 🦋
🦋 5 riding hats and 10 pairs of riding gloves to RDA Accrington🦋
🦋 Angel gowns, Heart in the hand, Our Missing Peace badges to RBH, paediatric dept and A&E🦋
🦋 15 memory boxes for bereaved parents to RBH, A&E and paediatric dept 🦋
🦋 20 “sibling” memory boxes for Royal Blackburn Hospital A&E department🦋
🦋 £100 to Coppice school, Bamber Bridge 🦋
🦋 £200 Teenage Cancer Trust 🦋
🦋 £200 to Lindsey Spencer and her cancer fight 🦋
🦋 20 follow in memory boxes to CO-OP Funeral Service, Burnley 🦋
🦋 2 x Cuddle cots and 2 x Wipe Clean Moses baskets, 10 memory boxes, Angel Gowns, Angel Blankets and Heart in the Hand to Bath Hospital 🦋
🦋 Cuddle cot and wipe clean Moses basket and 10 memory boxes to Waring & McKenna Funeral Service, Blackburn 🦋
🦋 £100 to Nightsafe 🦋
🦋 Cuddle cot, wipe clean Moses basket and 10 memory boxes to Barton & Hallworth Funeral Service, Oswaldtwistle 🦋
🦋 Wipe Clean Moses basket to KC Funeral Service, Darwen 🦋
🦋 £120 on plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons, cups and more to Ian Obo for a house to help the homeless 🦋
🦋 £100 to Stan, a little boy who has leukaemia 🦋
🦋 £200 to Leelans chance, a little boy who needs life saving surgery 🦋
🦋 Every year we donate a minimum of £30 to Emma O’Malley, to give chocolates to children and families at Ronald McDonald house, Manchester 🦋
We also are always making up and sending memory boxes out (WORLDWIDE) to bereaved parents and their families 💔
I can not thank you all enough for helping me keep Maggie’s memory alive …. this page and the fundraising is all we have and as long as I have breath in my lungs I will never ever stop talking about my perfect beautiful baby girl 👼🏻💗
Fly high Maggie Pearl Parsons 🌸 born sleeping 39 weeks and 5 days gestation 🌸 mummy and daddy love you so very much xx

Thursday 26th April, 2018

Today we donated the “cuddle blanket” and 40 memory boxes with handmade angel pillows to Royal Blackburn Hospital children’s ward 👼🏻💗💙
This was donated by Maggie’s Legacy and Friends of Serenity which is run by Joanne in memory of her son Luke xx
We want to say thank you to Joanne for being a part of this and I am so proud to have worked along side you,
THANK YOU to all of our supporters who make all we do possible, to help families when their child dies 💔
Thank you to Sam Barker for helping run the page and Jill Moz for making all the lovely pillows in memory of her son Christopher xx
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